Getaway Style

IMG_4116So last week my best friend and I jetted off for a little fun in the sun. We headed off to Black Enterprise Magazine’s annual Golf and Tennis Challenge in sunny West Palm Beach. They have dubbed it the “Perfect Summer Finale” and they are so right. It’s a great networking event and a fun opportunity to dress up in gear, head out on a beautiful course and fake like I have golf game. Who said adults can’t play dress up too!

To get ready for my trip, I made a couple things.


First up, using Butterick 5211 I made a striped linen dress to wear while traveling. It was perfect. No zippers, metal clasps or other metal detecting traps. It has big billowy sleeves and I added deep pockets large enough to hold a small wallet, ID and my boarding pass. Easy, breezy and just my style.

I didn’t get a good picture of it but I also made this tennis-ish skort using a white bengaline fabric. It is similar to the Zara skort that I think every blogger on the planet has been photographed wearing. Don’t believe me, Google “zara skort.” You’ll see.


Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Count me as every blogger plus one because I liked it so much that I made one! You can make one too with Simplicity 1370.

And for the all-white party, I logged on to make an oldie but goodie. Using Mimi G’s pencil skirt tutorial, I made an off-white skirt to complement an off-the-shoulder shirt that I have had for some time. It worked nicely.

IMG_4127 IMG_4026

I had a great time. I learned a few tips from golf pro Rodney Green, spent some down time in the spa, met a few new people, old school partied with Bell Biv Devoe and got my Woo Woo Woo on with Jeffrey Osborne. Good times.IMG_4023 IMG_4020 IMG_3973

Are you a golfer, tennis player or a spa girl/guy?


The Ties That Bind

Hi Blog Friends. I’m back! IMG_3754 Let’s get into my new all time favorite dress. It is inspired by several looks; a cute young look, an easy breezy weekend style and a vintage early 80’s look. They all have a common theme, the tie front.IMG_1845 IMG_3766

I found this first look on Pinterest. The model is the blogger from Nini’s Style. Cute, right? The other dress is from Zara. White cotton, yes, that’s me (as seen in the picture linked below). I could wear a crisp white shirt every single day. Love it. Karreuche Tran wears the Zara dress in a picture posted here on Fashion Bomb Daily. Entirely different look. Sporty and fly. Oops, the Xfinity commercial with the “Jones” family says “fly” isn’t cool anymore. Hey, old school is cool. Now that I think about it, “cool” probably isn’t cool.

I always get side tracked.

And the last look is this little ditty from the stack of vintage patterns that I was gifted by Ms. Diane. Now, this is old school! Too old school. So, basically this pattern was used for inspiration and as a guide.IMG_3767

I altered the dress into something a new and fresh. The common denominator, the tie front, stayed. Karreuche’s dress is young and more appropriate for someone of her size, age and lifestyle. Or anyone with the confidence to rock it. Nini’s dress is cute but once I saw the white knit in the Zara dress, I preferred that look.  I shortened and tapered the bottom on my dress, adjusted the bodice to be more fitting and left the sleeves as they were in the pattern.  I sort of have the arms of an MMA fighter, so anything that minimizes or disguises them is a definite yes for me.IMG_3744 IMG_3747So, what do you think? Like the transformation? How do you disguise your problem body parts?

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“Jumping” on the Bandwagon

IMG_3244As far as I can tell, jumpsuits are making a come back. They even have new, updated 2014 names including, romper and playsuit.


Source: Pinterest

Recently, I came across this picture of Rocsi Diaz in a cute jumpsuit she wore to the Grammy Awards. She appears casual and comfortable, yet still classic and polished. I like comfortable. I like polished. So, when I came across a similar pattern during a fabric store sale, I figured I’d give it a shot.

The pattern is intended for jersey or cotton knit. In order to create Rocsi’s look, I had to use something other than a comfy jersey. I found this beautiful Kelly green fabric in the clearance bin.IMG_3245

*Side Note* Have you noticed a trend? I do not buy full-price fabric. Ever. And I definitely do not buy cheap-looking fabric. I shop the clearance bin and it works for me. And it can work for you too.

Back to regularly scheduled blogging. . .

The pattern called for an elastic waist which did not work for the look in the photo. Once I removed the elastic option, it took quite a bit of manipulating. I added two darts in the back and a front and back gathers at the bottom of the bodice. IMG_3284IMG_3255

I really like how this jumper turned out. And although I gave up the jersey knit to create the look in the photo, it is still quite comfortable. Because I created the jumpsuit without the elastic and stretch knit, I have to wiggle and jiggle my way in and out of the jumper. It’s okay, a little wiggle and jiggle never hurt anyone. This is definitely something I will do again but next time with a side zipper.

What do you think? Did I capture comfortable, polished look of Rocsi’s jumpsuit?

Want to try making a jumpsuit but need a guide? Here is a free tutorial for a romper. Want a jumpsuit but don’t want to sew it? Here and here are retail options.




Red, White and Floral – Summer Comfort III

IMG_3214First things first. Let’s start this post by announcing the winner of the maxi giveaway. It is Nelly! Congratulations. Thank you for commenting, liking and following SewJacked.

On to maxi business. This is the last post in the summer comfort maxi series. First, we started with this graphic print pull-over dress. The maxi in the middle is a front/back V neck in coral, as seen here. Today’s DIY maxi is a mock wrap dress in a beautiful floral print. While I am not really the floral-print type, there is something about this bold print and the $3 price tag that attracted me. Don’t neglect the sale bins. There is great stuff there!


The cotton print served as a nice spin on the traditional red, white and blue for Independence Day. Patriotic and fun. To create this dress, I used McCall’s M6744. IMG_3217

The model on the pattern envelope is really working the Angelina Jolie leg pose. So, in order to demonstrate the mock wrap opening, my model, Tosha, also gave a little leg action.IMG_3216

Tosha’s leg pose was a little ummm, let’s say baBAM which was confirmed by the constant horn honking and whistle blowing from passing cars. Truth.

I trimmed the photo. This is a family blog. LOL.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the July 4th holiday.

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Summer Comfort II

Maxi madness continues in this post with a wide-neck coral knit. And as you’ll read in the post, madness is exactly what this SewJack entailed.

While browsing around on Pinterest (notice a theme), I came across this image.


Image Source: Pinterest.

The model’s confident pose. That fabulous necklace. The dress. Altogether, it made for a striking image and a SewJack to be.

SewJacked Coral Maxi

To create my dress, I used McCalls M6886. It is a popular pattern among the online “sewsisterhood” and very versatile as seen in a different style here. In order to make a wide neckline similar to that in the picture, I cut a V neck, front and back, which turned out to be an absolute bear! Making this dress was blood pressure check type of frustrating. I don’t see many V neck front/back dresses in retail stores and now I know why.SewJacked Back V Maxi

The pattern calls for a tapered bottom. So, in order to get the sassy flare of the model’s dress, I lengthened the bottom and cut a wide A-line.

SewJack V Neck Maxi

From the dag-on slippery fabric to the crazy frustrating neckline, this dress beat me down. You know it is bad when I start dropping “dag-on” bombs!

Anyhow, I really hope you like it, as there will not be another one. LOL. *Tell’em why you mad son.* [My affinity for quoting 90s rap lyrics continues.] The double v neck won this round but I’ll be back. If any of my sewsisters (or brothers) have V neck tips to share, please do.


IMG_3002Despite the wacky neckline, Tosha modeled the dress for the post. And she rocked it!  I think she did an awesome job. She almost made me like the dress again. Almost.

Way back in our high school days, Tosha wore the first garment I ever made. It was a jumper and it was made from the cheapest fabric the store would sell me. And she actually wore it to school! You gotta love that kind of confidence.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you are enjoying the blog.

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Summer Comfort (and Giveaway!)

IMG_2901Nothing and I mean nothing says summer comfort like a maxi dress. Now, I know how my mom felt back in the day with her house dresses. She would get in from work and immediately change into one. The same one she’d wear on the front porch as she yelled for me when I missed street light curfew. Don’t laugh, I am still slightly embarrassed.

No worries though. While maxi dresses have the comfort of mom’s house dress, they certainly do not fall in the same style category.

IMG_2904[1] From beachwear to sexy, summer concert attire, this style of dress has MAXImum (like that?) versatility.

For the next couple of weeks, I am going to highlight some easy-to-create maxi styles. There are countless patterns and tutorials available. And of course, even more ready to wear options. And at the end of the two weeks…a giveaway! Yay. I will use the maxi (caftan) tutorial linked in today’s post to make and send a maxi to the lucky winner (I just hope they still fill lucky after receiving the dress!). The tutorial comes from Simple Simon and Company . I have followed this blog for a couple of years now, and have tried several of their tutorials. I believe one or both of them were teachers. And you can tell. Their tutorial instructions are so easy to follow and the results always look just like the pictures! Love it. 


On to today’s maxi and my very special guest model (virtual drum roll please), Ms. Kim! This maxi was created by using McCall’s Fashion Star MP227 pattern. It was easy to make and a good project for a newbie (like me). I do not recommend this as the first pattern out of the gate but once you’re one or two in, this is a good bet.


I purchased the two-way stretch knit from the clearance fabric bin, like always! I added a pop of color with a tangerine neck binding (used as bias really) and drawstring.  And it turned out great.

And can you please give it up for Ms. Kim who is working her non-paying modeling gig. Friends are awesome!

IMG_2857What do you think?

Giveaway Details

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Thanks, and the winner will be announced on July 3. Good luck!

NOTE TO SEWERS: Are you making the Simple Simon & Co. maxi? If so, let me know and we can sew along together,


Fringe Is In


IMG_2820Fringe. It’s back and I’ve got to say, the last I wore it was back in high school during the 90s. (Don’t start counting my years.) I had this black suede jacket with fringe down the sleeves, it was fly (not really). There’s a picture of me wearing the jacket, complete with a green sweatshirt and acid washed jeans. It’s pretty bad. I would post it here but it is old and hard to see – yep, that’s the reason.

IMG_2813[1]A couple of weeks ago while browsing around Pinterest, I saw this cute fringe dress. I pinned it but didn’t think much of it until I stumbled across a free fringe tutorial. Fate, right? This SewJack was destined to happen!

Also not long ago, I was gifted a huge bag of vintage patterns by Ms. Diane. Thank you! I used one of the vintage patterns for this dress. To create the fringe, I followed the free YouTube tutorial by DIY Meesha, She’s pretty awesome. I love when people freely share God’s gifts. IMG_2819

Can I be honest? I don’t love it. I like the shape of  the vintage pattern and I like the fringe thing but there is just something about the polyester and 60s aqua blue that makes me want to…do the twist. The fringe will be coming off.

IMG_2818If you are into “the fringe” but don’t sew, here is an option and another more casual version that you can purchase. Oh and I am sorry but I could not find any 60s aqua blue deals for you. However, if you’re really into it, I may know where you can get one for free. :)




SewJacked Shift Dress Close Up

Feeling Shifty

For the fashion challenged like myself, the weekends are the hardest. My mind says, “Put on something cute!” but my worked-a-long-week body says, “Whatever Girl, grab those jeans and tee.” Everyone’s mind calls them “girl,” right?

Body usually wins.


Not this time! On this Sunday, the weather was sunny, mid-70s and definitely shift-dress appropriate.

This cute graphic print fabric came from the scrap bin at my local store and I just couldn’t wait to make something of it. There wasn’t much of the fabric left, probably less than two yards. So, I had to be creative and find a pattern that involved minimal pieces. A shift dress was an easy solution.


The simple shape allowed the bold black and white print to stand out and also worked for my fabric shortage. It was an easy something cute for the weekend too.

SewJacked Graphic Print Dress

I used New Look P6483 (also seen here), measuring from my shoulders to just below my knees to determine the length of the dress. And bam, $6 worth of fabric and a pattern later, I am feeling shifty.

Can’t sew a button? No problem, shift dresses are everywhere now! I like this one and this. I will be attempting to recreate this!

SewJacked Black and White Shift



Today’s post is not a SewJack, more of an ode to a Sewspiration.

Mimi G inspired dress

Mimi G inspired dress

Home economics. Anybody remember it? Back in the day I took it and I loved it. I loved it so much that I begged my mom for a new sewing machine. She had her doubts but bought it. And guess what, I never used it. Ever.

Fast forward X number of years. Okay, XX years. I started following DIY blogs and soon began sewing again. I made a shirt here and there but never actually wore them… especially not in public!

Enter Mimi G from One day I came across a blog post where she was featured. In the post, she modeled a few outfits and described her style, mentioning that 80% or so of her clothes were self made. Say whaaat! She is fly and a DIYer?!?!

I was inspired.


Suddenly, I got that old thing back (in my Jay Z voice). The old creative juices were flowing. And it wasn’t long before I started downloading an attempting Mimi’s tutorials. Here I am modeling an off-the-shoulder maxi dress from one of Mimi’s tutorials.

Sewspiration Mimi G

She is an experienced and talented seamstress/designer. It is evident by the ease in which she constructs garments and her ability to create tutorials that are so simple and easy-to-follow that anyone can learn to sew. Look, I did and I even wore my dress in pubic! She is a great teacher and while I don’t know her personally, I sure am happy for her Sewspiration.

Mimi G inspired maxi

Mimi G inspired maxi

Don’t sew? Mimi has an online retail store where you can purchase her off-the-shoulder maxi. Go here for details.

What’s your story? Who/What has inspired you to try something new? Do tell…

Pink Knit

Square with a Touch of Flair

SewJacked Drop-Waist Pink Dress

While the title is a pretty dead-on description of me, it actually references my latest SewJack. This dress is a popular one on Pinterest.

Drop Waist Dress on Pinterest

Drop Waist Dress on Pinterest

Search “drop waist dress” and you are certain to get a flurry of girly, twirl-friendly dresses. And like the other pinners, I thought the look was rather cute too.

Drop-Waist Dress SewJacked

Drop-Waist Dress SewJacked

Using a pink knit and New Look P6483, I made an attempt. The pattern is for a shirt, so I had to manipulate it a little by extending the length and cutting an 8-inch wide band. I cut it long enough to allow gathering.

SewJacked Pink Dress

SewJacked Pink Dress

The dress is pretty versatile. On Pinterest there are pictures of ladies wearing it with heeled sandals and others with tights and leather motorcycle jackets. The dress has range. And if you don’t sew, no worries. I found it at H&M, see picture below. To see it styled, one of my favorite style bloggers models it here.

Drop Waist H&M Dress

Drop Waist H&M Dress

Note to sewers: Cutting the band was a slippery slope for me. I had a time getting it even all of the way around. Guess what, I never did but I still wear it as proud as if it were perfect. Ha! Lopsided band and all!

Note #2 : Sorry about the fuzzy images. Something went wacky.